MAXIMUM ROCK: Western Liberal Jews Dismayed By Lack of Support from The Political Left

Posted on 17/10/2023

There is a growing divide within the Political Left in many Western nations over issues related to Israel, as the conflict between Israel and Hamas intensifies. Many left wing political activists, student groups and organizations are expressing critical views of Israel's actions and are calling for a reevaluation of western support for Israel. Jews living in the West, who are overwhelmingly liberal, have often supported social justice movements in those countries. However many of them are now feeling betrayed by their political allies on the Left who are not only showing open hostility towards Israel, but even appear to have sympathy for the Hamas terrorists, in light of the recent deadly attacks on Israeli civilians.

In this segment, Fatboy wonders if this isn't the result of the conditioning that the Political Left has been subjected to over the years, courtesy of prominent intellectuals who dominate western Academia, Media, and Social Activism sector, many of whom are Jewish, who have trained Leftists to always view political matters through the narrow lens of Oppressed vs. Oppressor. Thus, without an appreciation for the virtues of nuanced thinking, is it surprising that many on the Political Left would reflexively take the side of Palestinians without considering the Israeli perspective?

If their detractors had been Right Wing/Conservative, they would have easily been smeared and dismissed as racists and anti-semites. Business as usual. But now that their most vocal detractors come from the same marginalised minority groups they view as allies on the Left, what are they to do? Calling them anti-semites seems not to be working this time.

Perhaps it is time for them to dispense of such smear tactics and cultivate a more charitable approach to political discourse in the West.

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