THE FATBOY SHOW: Good or Bad? The New Trend Of Viral Videos Of Angry Customers

Posted on 20/10/2023

Centenary Bank Uganda has confirmed that its staff connived with a fraudster to take more than 100million shs from a customer’s savings account.

This comes after a video went around on social media, showing a woman crying and saying her money was gone from her Centenary Bank account. This video made the bank start an investigation.

Meanwhile, a similar situation came up last week when an Equity Bank client claimed that about 10 million shs disappeared from his account. But Equity Bank didn’t give details of the incident instead, they told customers to report any lost phones to the bank immediately.

Fatboy and Inno Prince ask if this new trend of angry customers sharing angry videos is helping to improve customer service in Uganda. Isn't there room for such a trend to be abused?

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