THE FATBOY SHOW: Ugandan Businessman Robbed With A Toy Gun!

Posted on 18/10/2023

Police in Nansana have arrested one of the three suspects involved in the robbery of businessman Robert Ponsiano Ssenyange, which resulted in the theft of his money and mobile phone.

The incident occurred over the weekend around 11pm. The assailants, wearing security camouflage, approached the businessman, brandishing a pistol and an SMG rifle. They demanded that he surrender everything in his possession.

The victim complied, handing over his Samsung phone and 850,000shs. During this encounter, he raised an alarm, causing the assailants to flee. This drew the attention of local residents, who pursued the suspects and eventually compelled them to abandon their vehicle at the roadside before fleeing to safety

The police impounded the vehicle and launched a search for the suspects. They managed to arrest one suspect named Musa Muwonge. During interrogation, he led the police to the location where he had hidden the alleged gun used in the robbery. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a toy pistol.

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