Posted on 22/03/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Amazon Cuts 9,000 More Jobs | A.I. Driven Job Apocalypse Imminent?
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Posted on 22/03/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Officials Face Police Probe In Iron Sheets Scandal
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Posted on 21/03/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Shaming Men Who Date Young Women (and FAILING lol)
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Posted on 21/03/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Queen Of Buganda Shares Details About Marriage & Children
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Posted on 21/03/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Miss Uganda 2023
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Posted on 21/03/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Single Parent vs. Single But With Child - Not The Same!
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The Fatboy Show on 14/12/2022What's Poppin!: Britney Spears' Husband Explains Her Break From Social Media
Britney Spears' husband Sam Asghari has opened up to fans about why his wife has decided to retreat from 'traumatising' social media platforms after fans began to fear the pop star wasn't in control of her accounts
The Fatboy Show on 14/12/2022Fatboy & Olive: Housemaid Detained Trying To Sell Boss' 3-Year-Old Child For Shs.3M
The police have detained a housemaid who was trying to sell her boss’ three-year-old child for 3 million shillings. The suspect has been identified as Agnes Namugabo, who is currently in custody at the Jinja central police station.
The Fatboy Show on 12/12/2022What's Poppin!: Rush Hour 4 is Happening, Jackie Chan Claims
At the recently held Red Sea International Film Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Jackie Chan said he would be meeting with the film’s director to discuss Rush Hour 4's overall script/plot, although, he did not disclose who the director would be.
The Fatboy Show on 12/12/2022Fatboy & Olive: Uganda Boxing Federation Calls for Reinstatement of Boxing in Schools
The Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) has called for the reinstatement of boxing in schools in a bid to develop the sport. The appeal was made by the President of the federation, Moses Muhangi who said that boxing has been banned from schools without a clear reason, with the latest letter from the form
The Fatboy Show on 12/12/2022Fatboy & Olive: Gender Ministry Institutes Committee to Fight Sexual Harassment in Workplaces
The Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development has instituted a committee to fight sexual violence and harassment in workplaces. The committee, which was launched in Kampala last week, constitutes 25 members from ministries, state agencies and non-governmental organisations.
The Fatboy Show on 09/12/2022What Christmas Plans Do You Have For 2022?
With 15 days left to Christmas, have you made plans yet? Olive and Daniel shade a picture of what they want their Christmas to look like this year!