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The Fatboy Show on 24/06/2022Dr. Joseph Kafuuma On The Increase of Infertility Cases In Uganda
What are the causes of infertility and is it a lifetime sentence once diagnosed? Today on the Fatboy Show, Fatboy engages Fertility Doctor - Joseph Kafuuma of Women's Hospital and Fertility Center on the increase of infertility cases among Ugandan couples.
The Fatboy Show on 24/06/2022Fatboy & Olive: Gov't Threatens to Fire Striking Arts' Teachers
The ministry of public service has given striking arts teachers in government schools a two-day ultimatum to return to work or lose their jobs.
The Fatboy Show on 24/06/2022What's Poppin!: Brad Pitt Considering Retirement From Hollywood
Oscar-winning star - Brad Pitt has revealed that he is now considering retirement as he mentioned that he is on the last leg of his acting career.
The Fatboy Show on 24/06/2022Fatboy & Olive: Do Insecurities About Self Impact Your Love Life?
What are your insecurities? Fatboy and Olive divulge on how insecurities can lead to self sabotage in relationships and in finding a partner of your preference.
The Fatboy Show on 20/06/2022Fatboy & Daniel: Is Online Dating A Curse or Blessing?
Relationships are more disposal in the social media era. According to Daniel, online dating is a curse because it gives people options hence not holding on long enough to find good in the dates they meet. 
The Fatboy Show on 20/06/2022What's Poppin!: Elon Musk Sued For $258B In Crypto Scandal
Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla Inc. are being targeted in a 258 billion dollar lawsuit over accusations of they ran a pyramid scheme to promote a cryptocurrency called Dogecoin.


The Groove on 23/06/2022The Groove Cafe:Crystal talks to Solomon Serwanjja
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Groov
The Groove on 22/06/2022The Groove Cafe: Crystal talks to Francis Kisirinya
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Francis Crystal C
The Groove on 21/06/2022The Groove Cafe: Crystal talks to Dr. Oledo Samuel Odongo
The Groove on 20/06/2022The Groove Cafe: Crystal talks to Asan Kasingye
The Groove Cafe: Former Uganda Police political commissar and Interpol boss Asam Kasinje talks to Crystal about his retirement
The Groove on 17/06/2022The Groove Cafe: Crystal talks to Hafsa Seguya Nabachwa
The Groove Cafe: Crystal talks to Hafsa Seguya Nabachwa about her work at URA and her role in the development of Afrisolution
The Groove on 16/06/2022The Groove Cafe:Crystal talks to Peter Kaujju
The Groove Cafe: Crystal talks to the head of communications and marketing at Umeme at Peter Kaujju about his work as a media professional


Olive: Security Personnel Should Shoot At Armed Robbers
Following the armed robbery at a spice supermarket in Mukono district last week and the increase in a similar crime in Kampala and nearby districts, RX Radio presenter Olive Najjuma said that she agrees with the AIGP Edward Ochom’s order to Police, to kill the robbers on sight.“If robbers go to a pr
The Banana In Mundaawo Related To Food But We Knew People Would Think Otherwise - Delivad Julio, B2C
Delivad Julio, one of the members of the Born 2 Concur group (B2C) aka Kampala boys, has clarified that the lyrics of “I wanna visit you, bae, I used to eat your banana” in the Mundaawo song, related to food and not the other banana’s some people perceived.In explanation, he corrected the line “I w
Having A Purpose Is The Only Way To Having A Fulfilling Life - Maria Natukunda
Ever wondered what your life’s purpose is? What drives your life’s decisions, goals, and behavior? Today on the Brunch Talk Show, Maria Natukunda, the co-founder of So She Said, an all-female group of filmmakers, said having purpose is the only thing that can enable someone to live a meaningful life
Daniel Omara: I’ll Still Listen To R. Kelly’s Music
After more than 20 years of facing sexual abuse allegations, RnB singer and popstar R.kelly was finally sentenced to 30 years in jail for sexually abusing women and children, both girls and boys.The sentence was ordained on Wednesday by US district judge Ann Donnelly at the federal court in Brooklyn
We Got Lost In Girl Child Empowerment And Neglected The Boy Child - Jennifer Mudondo
The author of Giant in Hiding Jennifer Mudondo, stated that focusing on girl child empowerment has created a gap between women and men and eroded the position and diligence of men in society.“When we started uplifting the girl child, we forgot that we shall have to deal with a mindset problem where
Olive: I Always Knew President Museveni Wasn’t Party To Muhoozi’s Tweets
The RX Radio presenter Olive Najjuma has attested that President Museveni was in no circumstance supportive of some of the tweets posted by his son, also, the Commander of Land Forces Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.Her opinion follows alleged reports indicating that President Museveni stopped top milit