Posted on 25/09/2023
MAXIMUM ROCK: Why Women Love Men In Relationships
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Posted on 21/09/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Suriving In A Culture Of False Allegations
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Posted on 21/09/2023
Burna Boy South Africa Concert Canceled Due To Low Ticket Sales!!!
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Posted on 18/09/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Bobi Wine Defiant! Nationwide Tour To Continue!
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Posted on 27/06/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Aid CUTS Probably Still On The Way Because of ANTI-LGBT Law
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Posted on 26/06/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: The ADF Rebellion - Would Peace Talks Be An Option?
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Posted on 26/06/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Olive Reacts To State House Staff QUARANTINE
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Posted on 26/06/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Depths of Disaster - The Oceangate Titanic Incident
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Posted on 26/06/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Ariana @30 | Why Famous Women USE Pete Davidson
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Posted on 26/06/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Why Threats Of Economic Sanctions Hurt Uganda's LGBT Community
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Posted on 26/06/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Statehouse Staff Under Quarantine | IMF Gives Uganda $120M Despite Anti-Gay Law
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Posted on 20/06/2023
GROOVE CAFÉ: Interview with Tayo Shonubi, Actress and Star of "My Fair Lady"
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on 14/08/2023Mega breastfeeding tips you need.
Crystal chats with Rebecca Ssuubi ~ an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
on 14/08/2023Who is Dr. Charles Mulekwa?
Crystal chats with Dr. Charles Mulekwa~ A dramatist, on Groove Cafe PART 1
on 14/08/2023You need a camp fire for this specious piece.
Crystal chats with Dr. Charles Mulekwa ~ Dramatist PART II
on 08/08/2023How would theatre be without Dr. Charles Mulekwa?
Crystal chats with Dr. Charles Mulekwa-Lecturer. Dramatist (PART I)


on 24/09/2023Chris Brown Bashes Tinashe For Regretting Their Collaboration
'Name five Tinashe songs or die... everybody dead.' Grammy winner Chris Brown decided to instead take his anger out at R&B songstress Tinashe, who recently claimed their 2015 collaboration Player didn't 'compute.'
on 24/09/2023Uganda Police Dares Bobi Wine To Defy Their Directive Regarding National Tour
Police have dared the leadership of the National Unity Platform (NUP) to defy a directive stopping their nationwide mobilisation tours.Speaking on Monday, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said the directive suspending the tours is still on and that anyone who defies it will face the wrath of the law
on 24/09/2023Will There Always Be Tribalism?
Bobi Wine's recent utterances and trending hashtags like #UgandaTribalismExhibition have rekindled conversations about the dangers of tribalism. Is Uganda truly forever trapped in the cycle of tribalism? Will Ugandans always look at their issues through the lens of tribe? Fatboy and Daniel Omara sha
on 24/09/2023Jonathan Majors Breaks Up Fight Between Two High School Girls
Jonathan Majors recently stepped in to stop a fight between two high school girls at the Hollywood In-N-Out on Sunset Boulevard.The conflict took place Monday at the burger chain that is just across the street from Hollywood High School, TMZ reported.
on 24/09/2023Lawyer Asks Court To Dismiss Charges Against 19 CPS Bpmbing Suspects
The lawyer representing 19 individuals accused of manufacturing, planting, and detonating Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) at Kampala Central Police Station (CPS) and the IPS building approximately two years ago has requested the International Crimes Division of the High Court to dismiss terroris
on 24/09/2023Gov't Continues To Disorganize Political Parties
The High Court in Kampala has issued an order halting the forthcoming national delegates conference for opposition Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) that was set for Tuesday September 19.