Posted on 07/02/2024
THE FATBOY SHOW: The Tyranny of Empathy
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Posted on 07/02/2024
THE FATBOY SHOW: Getting Married Vs. Dying Alone - Which Is Worse?
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Posted on 07/02/2024
THE FATBOY SHOW: Jay Z BACKFIRES With Weird Grammy Speech
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Posted on 07/02/2024
THE FATBOY SHOW: Uganda's Worst Step Mother Arrested
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Posted on 07/02/2024
THE FATBOY SHOW: Tyla Vs. West Africa | 2024 Grammys
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Posted on 08/12/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: JEEMA Tells Bob Wine To Retract Pro-LGBT Comments
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Posted on 07/12/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: "Erectile Dysfunction"!!?? Duncan Abigaba Sues Frank Mwesigye for Defamation
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Posted on 04/12/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Did Beyoncé Bleach Her Skin?
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Posted on 04/12/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: 70 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To Twins!
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Posted on 04/12/2023
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Posted on 04/12/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: Hero or Sellout? Bobi Wine Under Fire Over Shifting LGBT Views
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Posted on 01/12/2023
THE FATBOY SHOW: A Man Rides Bodaboda Naked for a 20,000 Shillings Bet!!
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on 21/02/2024Ernest TwesigyeMukama on The Groove with Crystal
Ernest TwesigyeMukama is a Banker, Entrepreneur, and Farmer. In Banking, he has been involved in growth of alternative banking channels, such as; agency banking, online banking, e-commerce, Digital financial technology, as an alternative to traditional banking and payment solutionsHe is a commercial
on 21/02/2024Captain Faridah Ashaba on The Groove with Crystal
Captain Faridah Ashaba is a Commercial Pilot, Speaker and Philanthropist.She is the CEO and Founder of Bambino Foundation (an organisation that promotes girl Child education and empowerment, among others). She is a Brand Ambassador of Young Aviators Club (an organisation that encourages young people
on 16/02/2024Sophya Mwiza on The Groove with Crystal
Sophya Mwiza is a marketer and a business woman. She owns Sole Connection - a shoe store which deals in everything sneakers and formal shoes. She also works with SprintUG, NOVAGen and Bernoulli Engineering Services as a social media marketer.Sophya is an accountant by profession.
on 16/02/2024Wonder Jr on The Groove with Crystal
Wonder Jr. is a Hip Hop artist and actor. He has put out songs like Tujja, Flight, and Gamba Nogu, among others. He is also a Communicator and Mental Health Advocate.
on 16/02/2024Claire Nasasira on The Groove with Crystal
Claire Nasasira is a Journalist professional and a Mental Health Advocate by practice. She currently works as a Mental Health Talk Show Host at Black Mental Health Matters.
on 06/02/2024Isaac Ruccigango on The Groove with Crystal
Isaac Rucci, full name Isaac Ruccigango is a Public Speaker /MC and Social Entrepreneur.He is also a seasoned gospel artiste and an events manager. He is currently a Non-Executive Director at Next Media and also the co-founder of 'Kampala Praise Fest'.


on 07/02/2024The Tyranny of Empathy - Why Its Better to be Compassionate
People often confuse Empathy with Compassion.Emotion researchers generally define empathy as the ability to sense other people's emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling.Having empathy is not directly related to whether or not one may act kindly to
on 07/02/2024Jay Z BACKFIRES With Weird Grammy Speech!
At Sunday night's Grammy Awards, Jay-Z highlighted a surprising problem he sees in the Recording Academy's recent voting record. Despite winning 32 Grammys across her remarkable career – more than any other artist – Beyoncé has never taken home the most prestigious prize of all: for album of the yea
on 07/02/2024Getting Married Vs Dying Alone... Which is worse??
A 78 year old man recently hanged himself after the death of his second wife. Since in the event of marriage one is likely to die before or after their spouse, don't you end up dying alone anyway, even if you DO get married? And the pain of losing your spouse is a pain you will carry for the rest of
on 07/02/2024Tyla Vs. West Africa | 2024 Grammys
South African music sensation Tyla won her first Grammy award on Sunday. The 22-year-old took home the Best African Music Performance award for her hit song "Water" beating Nigerian Afrobeat global superstars Burna Boy, Davido and Ayra Starr. While some fans were extremely excited for her prestigiou
on 07/02/2024Uganda's Worst Step Mother Arrested
Police have apprehended Shantel Mercy who stands accused of regularly subjecting her five-year-old stepson to mistreatment and severe beatings. Allegedly, she also compelled the child to clean a pit latrine with his own tongue!
on 07/02/2024Interview with Bishop Kani of Israel United In Christ
This a special conversation between Fatboy and Bishop Kani of Israel United in Christ. Israel United in Christ (IUIC) teaches a unique interpretation of biblical identity and history. They assert that the transatlantic slave trade led to the scattering of the Israelites, with African Americans, Hisp