Interview with Gideon Nkurunungi | CEO of ICTAU

Posted on 15/03/2024

Gideon Nkurunungi is the CEO at ICT Association of Uganda. The ICT Association of Uganda (ICTAU) is a multi-stakeholder initiative formed by private individuals from Uganda, with the vision of providing professional guidance to individuals and organisations in the private sector, as well as providing advisory servicesto government on policy based issues.

ICTAU has a Fire Side Chat scheduled for 20th March, 2024 at Protea Skyz Hotel, Naguru - under the theme "Reimagine Digital".

Gideon Nkurunungi is also a Director IT services at IMPACT, a digital marketing agency that empowers businesses by leveraging AI and digital channels.

In this interview he discusses ICT in Uganda, the scope and mission of ICTAU, Women in Tech, the upcoming Fire Side Chat, and lots more.